Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin 1968. Rolling to the starting line for the Sportsman 350 race was surreal. I was finally going to do this! The grid was pretty small, about 15 bikes, so for the first time I let myself contemplate a respectable finish; maybe even get a trophy for third place. When the flag dropped I launched forward, shooting ahead of the pack.

Modifikasi Honda CB350. "Oh crap," I thought, "not the holeshot!" I expected the rightful leaders to come blazing by at any moment, but I kept my head down and rode the wheels of the little Honda, sliding the front and then the back as I barreled through the turns. Pulling onto the front straight, the suspense was too much and I had to look back. The pack was just coming out of the last corner, 100 yards behind me! When the checkered flag fell, I'd won by a mile. The ensuing endorphin rush was so strong that I nearly ran off the track on the cool-down lap.
Modifikasi Honda CB350
Modifikasi Honda CB 350 Twin 1968. Honda introduced the 350 scrambler with this single 8.5 x 11″ color page in 1968. This pre-production brochure was prepared using a prototype aided by an artist and airbrush (note Honda’s qualifier “All specifications subject to change without notice” at bottom). In fact, there were several changes between this image and the export USA production run. Instead of black finish, as shown, the headlight brackets (at top of forks) were painted to match the color portion of the tank. A different front fender, lacking braces but with a sharp cut front edge as shown, was used.

Gambar Modifikasi Honda CB350. The point cover on production models was embossed to read “TYPE-1″, and the 350 emblems on the air cleaner covers were fabricated of enameled metal, with only the numerals “350″ (the brochure shows an applied emblem, perhaps just a painting, with a small encircled Honda wing). Although the brochure below shows two separate chromed exhaust pipes exiting the muffler, the production models had two unplated exhaust pipes enclosed in a single chromed surround. The production CL350K0 also had both a center stand and a silver-painted side stand.